Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fair isle hat take #2

This is my second attempt at this hat pattern. The first one was fine, just small. It was the right size to the pattern it just would not fit most peoples heads! I need to find it a home with a small headed person.

To make it big enough, I added in a repeat of the pattern and knit it on a size larger needles. Posted it to the recipient last week, only 6 weeks after Christmas...

Monday, 22 February 2010


SNOOD! A free Rowan pattern off their website. I used the same King Cole yarn as I did for the cape. I think it could have done with an extra repeat of the cable pattern to go round the shoulders as it looks a bit stretched. If I knit it again I'm definitely doing that.

Christmas hats for two little girls

In the spirit of Christmas I dived into my yarn stash to knit some little gifts for a two little girls in the family. I adapted a Debbie Bliss pattern for the larger size as the pattern only went up to 24 months and they eldest is 4. I love making tassles.

Baby cardigan

I have devloped a reputation for doing this pattern. As soon as I have done one, someone sees it and requests another one. I need to branch out! I have bought some new baby knitting books so hopefully I can tempt people to go for other patterns. (This was knit as a favour for my bf's mum to give to a work friend, and it was very well recieved *warm fuzzy feeling*)

Grandma's slippers

Pixie slippers for my Grandma. Seem to have misplaced they photos of the finished article, but I sew a little wood toggle to fasten them (and I managed to make a left and right). They are pure merino wool - I spashed out 'cos I love my Gram gram x

Long time no see...

Hello! Long time no post. I have thrown myself into Uni work so have not posted. I am still knitting away, so I am going to post up the things I have done over the last 6 months.

These were a trial run of some pixie slippers I knitted for my grandma, spot the mistake? Both are left feet! Mistake, but I am using them so it doesn't matter.