Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sheer from Rowan Studio 22

This jumper is pretty cool. 3/4 of the body and sleeves are done in Kid Classic - a mohair mix yarn, then the top 1/4 is in Kidsilk Haze - a mohair and silk yarn that is super fine but with lots of fluff.

By keeping the work on the same sized needles though out it creates the fine top panels. Done in reds in the book, I have gone for these taupe shades: Bitter Sweet in the Kid Classic and Majestic in Kidsilk Haze.

It knit up very quickly and not with any real effort - it just seems to have appeared before my eyes.

Now onto something more appropriate for the sunny weather we have been having. (Why do I knit 'winter' garments as soon as it gets warm??)


  1. You're just preparing for next season's collection...

  2. I'm so far behind! This is AW 2010, We are 3 months into SS 2011 now! Uni work taking precedence at the moment though.