Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Name Badge in 2ply

As I am now helping to run The Kings Arms Knitters which entails teaching/helping new people with their knitting, we thought it might be a good idea to have name badges.  Normal name badges would not do, so I made a pattern for a knitted one!

I used some 2ply/cobweb yarn that was a gift brought back from Peru.  It was knit on old size 17 needles which is 1.5mm.  There is an intarsia knitting needle at the top and bottom with my name in the middle.  The badge is a bit long, but it had to be to fit 7 letters on it. The badge is 5cm x 15cm.  I used a piece of funky foam to stiffen it then backed it in bright blue felt and sew a large safety pin to the back. 


  1. this is awesome! why weren't you showing off tonight?

  2. Thanks for sharing, name badges are so important and making them with such materials is great in itself. Keep updating.

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